Friday, 18 March 2011

umpa lumpa Arrested for joining famous mtv show

orange news
At 10:30 Am march/1/2011 willy wonkas missing umpa lumpa was found and arrested for joining the famous tv reality show "Jersey Shore".  her real name willy wonka gave her was snooki but she gave the fake name Nicole Polizzi but still called herself snooki for nickname but none of the cast member new it was her umpa lumpa name and that she was one. The famous umpa lumpa was catch intoxicated and was arrested shouting at people in there car and police arrested her and she is now in jail and will sent to cornuted 4 days from the arrest . The MTV CEO had to say “this issue is not what we thought was possible. We has no intention of her being a umpa lumpa. More reports will be filed". the producers of Jersey shore are being sued by willy wonka and questioning of the cast have already taken place. casting crew jaywow said " Our style is very similar to the umpa lumpa, were orange skinned and have freaky hair and were proud to look like this but i never knew that snooki was a umpa lumpa she acted so much like us, hell, she maybe was more jersey then all of use". other cast member rejected to be interviewed. willy wonka said that if they win her back she will become a worked once again for the factory but the people think otherwise. protester of new jersey citizens and jersey shore fans are making a rally about snooki saying that she is a icon to new jersey and taking her is just not ok. the president of Italy is with the charges of snooki. he said " people like snooki are people that give Italy a bad name. even if the people of new jersey have Italy blood there nothing like us and try to be by looking like a orange.". the pandemic is bringing  conflicted all around the world and people say that wily wonka will loose lots of income if they dont free snooki. protesting has gone more increase in violence and more will be report tomorrow.

Monday, 18 October 2010

the lose of a family member or close friend can be a positive effect
i think the lose of a family member or close friend can be a positive effect is false. because i think that the lose of someclose is a sad and depressing thing. even if to some people it will bring them together closer i think it makes the them come to gether in a sad way but to some people it makes them loose apart and may lead to death in much depression. i think it takes time for the sorrow to heal but i dont see a positive effect of loosing someone because in alot of story like that and they were just sad and no happyness about it.
money, social class, and a body background is making a relationship
i think that this is flase because a a relationship can have anything from rich to poor. ''all you need is love '' the beatles said and i agree about it and i think that you can be any class in socieety and still be a couple.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

I like the video with the puppet because its really humors. I think it was a clear and fast. I can really understand what he says in the video and I can picture in my head what is going on. Unlike the original one, it was confusing and I couldn’t really understand the plot until we paused and talked about it.
Even though my favorite video was the puppet, I think the perfect to tell someone the story to will be the animated one. It was clear, vivid, and I can understand the story perfectly. In the video it doesn’t start out as the original, it starts at the point where the police are in front of the door and it was showing flash back of him killing the old man. It had a spooky feeling to it and it looked like a trailer. It was straight forward and made the story easy to understand. 
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Thursday, 16 September 2010

"the monkey paw"- edited statement

one day mr and msr.white got a call from Herbert white to visit India. the couple was in shocked and decided to say yes. once they arrived at the country they had met man named Sargent major and became friends almost instantly.after a a few hours of walking around the jungle, Mr white trips on a monkeys paw. Mr white bewildered of what it was. then he saw that the paws had bracelets burned on with a message saying " the monkeys paws of gundi. 1 with per person will be made" everyone was existed with this but major felt greed and took the paws and bolted away. once he got to paws he wished that he was the strangest man in the world. once it was finish coming out his mouth he got muscle even looking them told you " dont mess with me!" but he got so much muscle that he couldn't even move with remorse, he was cursed with muscles.